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    Septic services are a formidable and often dirty job. It is a job that, once done improperly, can cause a massive problem for you and your neighbors. That's why it is crucial to have a reliable and dependable company that can sort out your septic tank problems.

    Our team of experts and professionals has built an excellent track record over our past 18 years of service. We are providing high-quality work and the latest innovations in septic system maintenance. Each employee is well-trained, licensed, and well educated in this industry. They went through intensive training to provide our clients with the confidence that their septic system is in the right hands.


    Eighteen years of quality and excellent services that is Septic Allentown Pros. We are one of the pioneers in the siphoning and septic maintenance industry. Our business started in 2003, bringing the best septic solutions to the Allentown community. Having quality and excellence in mind, the company grew over the years and is now one of the leading septic system providers in the Allentown area. We currently cater not just to households but also commercial establishments as well. Using the latest tools and strategies in modern plumbing, we are now providing the highest quality of septic maintenance that covers a wide variety of services.

    Septic Services Allentown & Surrounding Neighbors

    Septic system problems are a headache to many, but it is a simple task with our team of professionals. We provide solutions ranging from diagnostic services to cleaning and maintenance. Our main goal is to find out what's going on and quickly put a solution in place.  We offer professional septic pumping to make sure that your waste disposal system is functioning efficiently. We respond to different problems with varied solutions. Ensuring that every plan laid out to you is custom-tailored to your situation. We are also here to help you with repair and maintenance services, including replacements, installations, audits, and cleaning.

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    Septic Tank Pumping & Cleaning

    Septic tank cleaning is one of the most important aspects of septic system maintenance. A clogged tank doesn't just cause a foul odour; it might even pollute the ground and damage the property in some instances. That's why we dedicated our years of practice to perfecting and honing our services to provide our clients with high-quality pumping service. Utilizing the latest technology and strategies in septic tank pumping and cleaning, we ensure that no damage is done to the surrounding area while thoroughly cleaning your septic tanks.

    Cesspools are also taken care of by our professionals using pumping trucks that empties them, leaving you with a clean, unclogged drain system.

    Got Sludge on your fish ponds that are harming your beloved pets? Fret not as we also provide pond sludge removal thanks to our years of experience in septic system maintenance.

    Grease Trap Cleaning

    Grease traps are an essential factor when talking about any kitchen setup, whether residential or commercial. It helps you separate any harmful fats and oils that might damage your drainage system. Blockage and waste can quickly build up in your grease trap, hampering your kitchen and being a potential risk for your food business.

    That's why it's of paramount importance to have a maintenance and cleaning plan set for your grease traps. Our highly trained experts in plumbing and cleaning will take care of any drain blockages or malodorous caused by a problematic grease trap.

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    Septic Repairs

    When water backs up from your sinks and toilets or a foul odour starts to circulate around the house, you know that something is up with your septic system. Depending on what's accusing the commotion, you'll face some challenges of getting it repaired. One of the most common causes is a leak in the tank or the mainline; this requires prompt attention from a professional as the soil needs to be dug up to the spot where the leak is coming from. Common repairs like this are essential to prolonging the lifespan of your septic system. Our highly trained technicians can quickly take care of repairs and provide you with information on how to further prevent any other damages down the line.

    Septic Tank Replacements

    Having septic tank problems can be quite daunting; luckily, there are many septic companies out there who can get the job done for you. But there are instances when it's time to throw in the towel and get your tank replaced. Factors like your system's age, your house or building has outgrown your current septic tank in place, or the tank requires constant repairs, then it's time to think about replacing it altogether.

    Being proactive in replacing a hopeless septic tank can save quite a significant amount of money in the long run. Our team of professionals is ready to answer any questions you might have and give you a fair quotation on how much it would cost.

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    Septic System Installations Allentown PA

    One of our first and foremost services, when we started, is septic tank installation. We have been doing this for the past 18 years; that's why you are sure that your installation will be handled by one of the most experienced septic companies in the Allentown area. We are well-versed in installing different types of septic tanks, including but not limited to, Conventional concrete tanks, Aerobic Septic Systems, and mound systems.

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    Septic Tank Pumping Allentown PA-Inspection
    Septic Tank Pumping Allentown PA-New Instllation 2

    Septic Tank Inspection

    Newly purchased house? or maybe you never had a professional record of septic system maintenance in your residential or commercial establishment. The best thing to do in these situations is to seek  a professional septic inspection for your system. Having an inspection done can prevent a lot of problems for your septic system down the road. Our highly trained service men can spot and diagnose any potential problems that might come up in the future. Preventive maintenance is still the best solution to keep your septic system clean and healthy.

    Why Choose Our Guys at Allentown Pros?

    Training - Our technicians go through intensive training in septic systems, with simulations of real-world problems and mentoring from our experienced gurus through their on-boarding process. Every field employee is being immersed continuously in new techniques and technologies emerging in our industry.

    All-in-one - Septic Allentown Pros doesn't just take care of your dirty problems; we also provide solutions to different situations that are connected with the cleaning and maintenance of drainage systems. Any septic system problems you might have, you are sure that we have an answer for you.

    Pricing - Here at Septic Allentown Pros, we always put our customer's well-being first in everything we do. We understand that not everyone has spare money to throw into septic cleaning tasks. That's why we designed our pricing point to be both affordable and competitive.

    Assurance - We take pride in what we do; that's why we provide a full one year guarantee on our services ‒ no questions asked. This is to make sure that our clients feel that they are with the best in the septic system maintenance industry.

    Approach - We always ensure that we utilize the most efficient ways and technologies to solve your septic system problems. We do research and trials on the latest trends in the maintenance and cleaning of septic systems. We always make it a priority to be as efficient and thorough as we can be.

    Give us a Call and Let us do the Dirty Work!

    Your dirty business is our business. Don't let your septic system stay dirty. If there is someone who understands your problem, it's us. Call us if you need servicing for your septic system problems. We're available 24/7 with an all around the clock staff waiting to provide you with solutions.

    "Septic Allentown Pros was referred to by a neighbour of mine when I noticed a foul odour emanating from our toilets. I called Septic Allentown, and they had three technicians sent to our house in a matter of minutes. The guys told me that I had a clogged septic tank and was in dire need of pumping. They even educated me on some do's and don'ts after the service since it turned out my eight-year-old daughter was flushing her toys down our toilets. Excellent customer service; everyone was prompt and courteous. Highly recommended!"

    Bellina May

    "My small restaurant had a problem with our grease trap, it was clogged, and my kitchen was falling apart due to delays on the orders. As usual, I called my go-to cleaning services Septic Allentown Pro. They were in and out of there in 40 minutes, and it felt like nothing happened, and my business went as usual. These guys are the most efficient septic system services you'll see in Allentown. Two thumbs up!"

    Jason Matt

    "Roger from Septic Allentown Pros handled my Septic inspection. He was punctual, courteous, and obviously very knowledgeable and experienced in what he does. They went the extra mile and gave me pointers to look for preventive maintenance of my fish pond. I recommended these guys to a friend of mine who recently bought a house. Thanks!"

    Lily Chu

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