Grease Trap Cleaning Service

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Grease is one of the most harmful wastes that can enter your septic system. Composed of fats and oil, these contaminants quickly solidify and become sludge that can cause congestion in your pipes. Thankfully grease traps exist. They function as your first line of defense against FOG ( fats, oils, and grease )

Commercial establishments that handle food, like restaurants, should make it a habit to have their grease traps cleaned and well-maintained. Blockage of these parts in your septic system will become a big headache very quickly. A dirty grease trap can cause odor, overflow in sinks, and gurgling sound around your pipes, things that are quite harmful to your business's reputation.

Here at Septic Service Allentown Pros, we understand how this problem requires prompt attention from professionals. That's why when it comes to handling grease traps, our experienced plumbers and technicians are always prepared to provide cleaning and de clogging services.

Is A Grease Trap Needed?

Yes, in fact, most states require businesses such as food establishments to have grease traps in their sinks and waste disposal system. The goal is to limit the amount of this harmful waste going to your area's main water treatment facilities. As a contributor to environmental awareness, Septic Service Allentown Pros makes it a commitment to always recommend and provide services to our clients when it comes to installing or repairing grease traps.

How Often Should A Grease Trap Be Serviced?

The frequency of when you should have your grease traps cleaned heavily depends on several factors. The first thing to note is how big the grease trap is and how it is compared to the amount of food being processed in your kitchen. Another factor to consider is when was the last time you have it professionally clean; if your answer is in years, then it is probably time to call a cleaning company. Allentown Pros offer clients with a regular cleaning schedule for their grease traps as part of our septic system solutions. This helps prevent any surprise interruption to your food business.

Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Our cleaning service helps clients prevent sink blockages and odors by properly cleaning grease traps and disposing of waste. Our team has been servicing different food processing businesses and restaurants in Allentown over the years. We are proud to say that our waste disposal involves getting rid of contaminants in an environmentally friendly way.

Our plumbers and technician work efficiently and responsibly. Our clients are assured that their food business will run as soon as possible with very minimal interruption on their business day.

Our Grease Trap Cleaning Process

Septic Service Allentown Pros utilize modern equipment and the latest methods of cleaning a grease trap. They manually clean and empty your traps, and scrub any solidified grease and oil left at the bottom and the sides. Our team does not use any harmful chemicals that may cause more damage to your pipes and grease traps. Aside from cleaning, we also provide additional services:

Providing 24/7 cleaning for grease traps
Educating our clients on preventive maintenance for grease traps
Books us, and request for the service to perform during non-peak hours of your business
Waster materials are safely disposed of in legally and environmentally friendly plants
Our team are all certified and highly trained
We provide records and certification after your traps are cleaned

Hire the #1 Grease trap cleaning service in Allentown!

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