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Septic system failure or breakage is a nightmare for every homeowner. It's a problem that is both dirty and costly. That's why when it comes to purchasing a new house, it's best to have the septic tank professionally inspected. An inspection can assess and verify the tank's current state and what potential risk it may possess. We also review your existing tanks as a way of preventive maintenance and to ensure that it is working correctly.

Our inspection team here in Septic Service Allentown Pros is experienced and skilled in performing inspections on most septic tanks' brands. Our certified expert can handle different types like concrete or fibreglass tanks, one or two-compartment tanks, and many more. If you need a septic inspection, chances are, our team has already done it before.

Our Inspection Process

In cases where our clients are purchasing a new house and are requesting our help when it comes to inspecting the septic tank, we recommend that you speak with the seller first. It is their responsibility to show you and us where the septic tanks are located, what septic system is in place, and access inside the tank. If you need help throughout this process, give us a call, and we can make arrangements for you.

The following pointers are our company's guidelines when doing a full-stack inspection of a septic tank. Our certified experts will be doing different types of tests and checks like:

The first step is to check the property. Our inspectors will verify the location and the grounds component. Factors such as nature, vegetation, water wells, or any signs of septic problems will be noted and reviewed.

The second is inspecting the septic tank itself. Our plumbers will go deep into the tank to check for any physical damages or indications of previous failures. Checking the material and the tank's condition, our team will make a recommendation based on this part.

Once our team verifies that the surrounding and the tank are fine, next is inspecting the absorption area or the drain field. These fields are necessary as their primary function is to remove contaminants and microbes from the water waste before it goes back underground and is recycled by nature.

Next is inspecting the pipes or fixtures that lead to the septic tank. Our expert makes sure that any line connected from the drains to the toilets runs smoothly and that no leaks are present.

Once the pipes are checked, our team begins stress testing the septic tank by running water through different sinks; this ensures that no clogging is happening in the fixtures to the septic tank.

Our team then observes the tank itself is filled with water, making sure that the absorption aspect is working and no water is backing up towards the pipes and into the house.

Finally, once the internal septic system passes our inspection, our team ramps one final examination on the tank's interior and exterior after the stress test; they note if anything changes or if there are any cracks and holes present that were previously unseen.

Trust The #1 Septic Tank Installation team In Allentown

With over 14 years of experience, our team has handled every type of significant septic tank in different households and establishments. If you have doubts or want to make sure that your tanks are functioning as intended, call us! Our team is readily available 24/7. You don't have to worry anymore; the Pros are here!

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