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Septic tanks are one of the necessary equipment for your new house or business establishment. When installing septic tanks, you need a reliable and certified team to handle the installation. Septic Service Allentown Pros is one of the leading septic tank installation teams in the area.

Our certified technicians and plumbers will guide you from choosing the correct brand and type of septic tank to locating the perfect spot to bury your septic tanks. Our process involves calculating different factors, like your household's size, the septic tank's material, and the geographical aspect of where it will be installed.

The installation team of Septic Service Allentown pros has vast experience installing most septic tanks' major brands. Our clients are always assured that the best in the business is handling their septic tank installation. Being a full-stacked septic solutions provider, we also offer repair and cleaning service after your first septic tank installation.

Choosing The Right Size For Your House

Our team has recommended hundreds of septic tanks to new and old house owners alike. With our proven track record, you are assured that our certified experts have the right knowledge to make an informed recommendation on what septic tanks you should get. Some of the factors we consider are the following.

The volume size of the tank. This ranges from 100 to 3,000 gallons. Our team can calculate how much you will need once we assess the number of people in your household.
The shape of the tank. Septic tank forms vary depending on what is needed. Some are wide and long; others are tall but narrow. The most common types have one or two compartments for waste storage. Our team will give you a recommendation based on their assessment of your needs.

The Installation Process

Most clients who call our lines usually ask first the question, "how much?". The answer to this varies depending on multiple actors. We first need to assess 3 core points before we give a quote. The following are:

  • What material makes up the tank being installed. Is it concrete? Fibreglass? Our method of installation differs depending on the septic tank material.
  • What is the state of the ground? Things like big rocks or a hard soil surface might increase the quotation since it will require heavy machinery to dig in.
  • The team's professional fee. How many personnel will be needed to do the installation? Depending on the tank's size and the soil that needs to be dug in, the number of our experts that will work for you might increase.

Installing a septic tank correctly is very crucial to its lifespan. It is by far the most vital part of setting up a proper septic system. The chosen tank ended perfectly, catering to the size and number of people occupying the house it would be servicing. It also needs to be the perfect material when considering environmental factors such as the area's climate and its components.

Whether you're installing a new septic tank for your home or replacing an old one, you can trust our certified team to provide you with the best service in Allentown. Call us now for any septic tank installation needs; our team is always ready 24/7 to answer your questions.


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